Custom Artwork Process & Policies

We love creating custom pieces just for you! We specialize in portraits for holidays and other special occasions but are open to working on other projects with you- just get in touch by clicking on this text here or the contact link above.


The Custom Artwork Process:

  • You’ll send the photos you’d like me to paint from. Usually 2 or 3 per person works best, or a couple of family portraits if you have them. If there’s one you feel looks like you more than the others, please tell me which one.
  • You choose your background and confirm the greeting and the spelling of names for the card.
  • You can let me know if you have specific wishes regarding the order of persons appearing in the illustration, specific clothing, color, or hairstyle requests, or requests regarding font or greeting layout.
  • I begin with an extremely rough layout sketch and will send one across for approval and can make any necessary changes at that time (Changes at this point do not count towards included edits).
  • Once a layout sketch is approved, I’ll create the pre-painting sketch for your approval (Small changes, i.e. changes to hair or facial features, clothing, etc. included at this stage).
  • I will then move on to the painting stage and once that is complete I’ll send another photo(s) across for approval. (Edit policy applies at this stage).
  • If everything looks good there I will add your portraits to the card and lay everything out and email you a couple of different versions for approval (The same edit policy applies).
  • Once you have approved the final version for print and I have received payment, I will send you your digital file in a pdf or jpeg or whatever file format you prefer.

Policies & Important Things to Know:

  •  I will create a playful illustration of your family in my signature style on the background of your choice, just like the ones shown above. It will be recognizable as you, and I do my absolute best to capture your likeness and personality, but it will not be a photorealistic portrait.
  • Please let me know if you have specific requests regarding the order of persons appearing in the illustration, specific clothing, color, or hairstyle requests, or requests regarding font or greeting layout.
  • I want you to be thrilled with your portrait! I am happy to make necessary changes, up to three per illustration during the painting and layout stage, at no charge (edits are included at the sketching stage). If further edits are requested after that point or if changes are requested after a proof approval, they will need to be billed at my hourly rate of $75 per hour. I reserve the right to make quick changes free of charge at my discretion, but changes that add considerable time to the process after the 3 included edits during the painting and layout process will be billed with payment due on final proof approval.
  • If you decide to cancel your commission for any reason after work has begun, a 25% deposit at the drawing stage or a 50% deposit at the painting stage is non-refundable.
  • Please enjoy the artwork on your own personal stationery and feel free to share images with credit, but all rights to the artwork remain with the artist.